• Accelerated Reader

    NVE uses AR in the classrooms to promote reading. Listed below are the reading levels used at our school. Our goal is for all students to increase their reading levels and have a love for reading!

    Colored Dots:

    Light Pink Dot: 0.5-0.9

    Yellow Dot: 1.0-1.5

    Lime Green Dot: 1.6-2.0

    Dark Blue Dot: 2.1-2.5

    Red Dot: 2.6-3.0

    Hot Pink Dot: 3.1-3.5

    Dark Green Dot: 3.6-4.0

    Orange Dot: 4.1-4.5

    Purple Dot: 4.6-4.9

    5th Grade Yellow Dot: 5.0-5.9

    6th Grade Purple Dot: 6.0-6.9

    Light Blue Dot: 7.0-higher


     You can use AR Book Find to see if books outside of the library have AR tests and what the level is for a book. Use the following link: Accelerated Reader Bookfinder