Good News Club

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    Good News Club

    Savannah Grove Elementary School

    Wednesdays *

    2:30 – 3:45 pm **

    1st - 5th grades

    * Club meets every Wednesday

    (on FULL days of school)

    What is Good News Club?

    Good News Club is an exciting, fun-filled hour held once a week. It includes:

    • Dynamic Bible lessons
    • Creative learning activities
    • Inspiring missionary stories
    • Meaningful songs
    • Life-changing Scripture memory

    Will your child be safe?

    CEF has taken specific steps to ensure the safety of your child. All club workers have been carefully screened as required by CEF’s child protection policy.


    Who teaches at GNC?

    Christians who are concerned for the spiritual well-being of your child teach the club. These volunteer teachers have received specialized training from CEF. 

    How will Good News Club benefit your child?

    Your child will learn:

    * Respect for authority   * Moral values

    * Character qualities       * Biblical principles


    Who can attend?

    Good News Club is open to all boys and girls 1st through 6th grade, regardless of religious background. Parents are welcome to attend the club with their child.


    Hosted and Conducted by:

    Church at Sandhurst

    1140 Third Loop Rd - Florence

    Bo Myers -- 843-687-5019


    ** The Club ends at 3:45 PM. You are responsible for picking up your child after the Club based on the selection you have agreed to on the permission slip.

    Options are: After School Care, an Authorized Teacher’s Room, or Car Line



    Good News Club is NOT an activity of Savannah Grove Elementary School or Florence School District One. Child Evangelism Fellowship, Good News Club and CEF are registered trademarks of Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc.