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    The purpose of the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is to provide language support and instruction to English learners. This takes place through small group sessions, monitoring academic performance, and providing support and training to classroom teachers.

    What We Do

    Based on the level of English language proficiency, students may have the opportunity to be a part of the ESOL program offered by Florence 1 Schools. The ESOL program is available at every school in the district. Depending on English language proficiency, students may take part in pull-out sessions where ESOL specialists instruct students on language development in small group settings. Student achievement in the mainstream classroom is also monitored to ensure that appropriate accommodations are being made to fit the individual language needs of the student.


    English as a Second Language Program

    Poynor Adult Education Center

    Poynor Adult Education
    301 S. Dargan St.
    Florence, SC 29506

    Phone: (843) 758-6421
    Fax: (843) 664-8155

    Instructor: Mrs. Claudia McLellan

     E-mail: TBD

    The ESL Classes at Poynor

    All ESL classes are FREE.
    All levels of English ability are taught. 
    The ESL Program at Poynor meets Monday through Thursday. All classes meet in room 310.
    Class starts 8/20/2018.
    Intermediate & Advanced English classes - Monday and Wednesday from 9:00am-12:00pm. 
    Beginning English class - Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am-12:00pm.

    ESL follows the holiday schedule and inclement weather policy of FSD1.

    Contact Carol Hill with any questions: 843.758.6411 or cchill@fsd1.org