• We the staff of Greenwood Elementary School commit to healthier students by instituting policies on physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices. We are trying to set a positive example and model healthy behaviors for our students. This policy will only be successful by working together as a team including staff, student, administration, and parent participation. The following are healthy initiatives that we are adopting at Greenwood Elementary:

    1. We encourage NON-food rewards at Greenwood. We have created a Dragon Dollar reward program where students can spend earned dollars at the School Store. Students can also be motivated and rewarded with extra physical activity, small tokens, and other privileges.

    2. Classrooms celebrations are limited to no more than one classroom celebration per year. Each party should reflect healthy food choices with no more than one food or beverage that does not meet the nutrition standards of the USDA School Snacks/Food/Beverage guidelines.

    3. Classroom birthday parties are discouraged. Each month the school guidance counselor will recognize student birthdays in the cafeteria with a birthday pencil and mini cake square (under 100 calorie portion) on one day per month. Otherwise, if a parent desires to recognize a single birthday then a non-food item is preferred. If a parent chooses to bring a food-item then it is requested that it fall within the USDA School Snack guidelines and be served outside of class time (at the end of lunch/recess). Please no cupcakes or cake. This will also serve to protect our students with food allergies and/or medical conditions as well as support our healthy initiatives. Please pre-arrange food items ahead of time with the teacher so they can consider if the snack is appropriate for the class.

    4. Since children spend a huge portion of their day at school, we are committed to making drinking water available. We understand that this will promote children’s learning and health. We at Greenwood do not restrict drinking water from students. Students have water fountains available to them in the classroom, in the hallway, and/or the cafeteria. Students are not restricted from visiting the classroom water fountain during the school day. In cases where there is not a threat to school materials, computers, I-pads, students are allowed to have plain, clear drinking water in a clear, capped, non-glass container. Teachers are to use their discretion as to the posed threat to school materials and judge accordingly. Students are encouraged to bring a water container to recess and/or lunch daily.

    5. We at Greenwood are committed to encouraging positive physical activities. It is our policy that recess will not be used as a reward or punishment. It is also our policy that physical activity will not be used as a form of punishment. Students will have their full allotted recess time daily.

    6. Grade level fund raisers will also adhere to the healthy foods guidelines. A list of approved snacks can be found through the Wellness Team, Healthier Generation website, or the USDA School Snacks guidelines.