• Character Counts at Delmae




    Perseverance  (putting forth your best effort)

    Orderliness (following directives)

    All staff members contribute to the overall environment at Delmae Heights Elementary School.  We set the tone through our actions and attitudes.  Our continuous support and encouragement of students will be demonstrated through the following procedures:

    ·       We will teach students expectations for responsible behavior in every school environment by relating student actions to our character traits.

    ·       We will encourage students to be responsible, to show respect to self, others and property, to put forth their best effort (perseverance) at all times and to follow directives (orderliness).

    ·       We will provide positive feedback to students when they are meeting expectations and exhibiting good character.

    ·       When minor misbehavior occurs, staff will view the misbehavior as a teaching opportunity, responding with calm, consistent corrections and consequences.

    ·       We will work collaboratively to solve problems that are chronic or severe in nature.

    We will implement this curriculum in the classroom and in all common areas of the school to include the restrooms, hallways, cafeteria, playground, assemblies, restrooms, arrival and dismissal.