• Visiting the School

    We are proud of our school and invite you to visit us anytime.  To insure our students’ safety and to protect valuable instructional time, all visitors are asked to report to the office upon arriving and sign-in on our visitor’s log.  A visitor’s pass will be issued for you to wear throughout your stay with us.  This pass should be returned to the office at the completion of your visit and the sign-out time listed in our log.  To visit a classroom, you may call the school office in advance to arrange a convenient time or you may report to the principal’s office where the teacher’s schedule will be check to determine a time when you may enter without interrupting instruction.

    While in the classroom, please refrain from interacting with your child, other students, or the teacher.  Pre-school children are difficult to manage during a visit, so please leave your “little ones” at home.