Welcome to Language Immersion

  • Spanish Language Immersion At Delmae Elementary School, preparing our students for a successful future is our top priority!
    Our Spanish Language Immersion Program allows students to acquire a second language while further developing their native language. 
    Providing the opportunity to learn a second language ensures that our students are growing to become responsible, productive members of our global community.

    “One Language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way.” -Frank Smith

      About Our Program

      • The Spanish Language Immersion Program began at Delmae Elementary School in the Fall of 2016.  We are the first school in Florence One Schools to offer this type of language instruction to students.  Students entering kindergarten are eligible to be enrolled into the program based on availability.   Students have the opportunity to grow with the program throughout their years at Delmae, becoming increasingly fluent in both English and Spanish.   

        Through our dual language program, students are immersed in the Spanish language while following the same South Carolina standards and guidelines as all other students, giving students an opportunity to become bilingual citizens in our global community.  Students spend 50% of their day learning grade level content in the area of ELA in English, and the other 50% learning grade level content in the areas of math, science, and social studies in Spanish.  With the inclusion of cross-curricular instruction, students become bilingual in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

        Research shows that dual language learning and bilingualism:

        • Improves working memory by encouraging brain growth and triggering concentration
        • Increases academic achievement
        • Prepares students for a global society
        • Creates awareness of cultural diversity
        • Allows for greater opportunities in future careers


      Language Immersion Highlights

      • Celebrating Spanish and Building Relationships
        We value community partnerships at Delmae Elementary School!  On Friday, October 12, West Florence Students in Mrs. Milligan’s Spanish III Honors classes visited Delmae’s Spanish Language Immersion Program to work with our students and help with language acquisition skills.  The West Florence students arrived with Spanish books and Spanish activities that they created to share with our students.  The Spanish Language Immersion students had the opportunity to hear stories read aloud in Spanish.  They also worked in small groups with the West Florence students to learn number words, colors, letter sounds, and articles of clothing.  Our students at Delmae were thrilled to interact with their new Spanish-speaking friends!  We are excited about this partnership and look forward to hosting West Florence again in the near future!


        Celebrating Hispanic Heritage with Latin Dance Lessons
        Our 1st grade Spanish Language Immersion students took part in a Latin dance class to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.  Adalia, owner of Aroha Arts Collective in Florence, visited Delmae Elementary School to teach the students how to dance the Merengue.  Students enjoyed hearing the traditional Latin music used in the dance sequences and finding the beats and rhythm used to count out each movement.  Students participated in both solo dancing as well as partner dancing.  We look forward to having Adalia back for another dance lesson soon!


        Station Spanish Night
        In an effort to encourage bilingualism school-wide, Delmae implemented IStation Spanish for all students in grades 5K-2.  Students work in the IStation Spanish Lab during their related arts rotations.  On November 13, parents were invited to learn about the online program and how to use it at home to help students become more familiar with the Spanish language.  In addition to obtaining information about IStation Spanish, families were entertained by the Spanish Immersion students who performed a few songs in Spanish!

      Spanish at Home

      • IStation
      • PBS Kids Spanish
      • Spanish Bingo
      • Spanish Word Toss

      Contact Us

      • Interested in learning more about our Spanish Language Immersion Program? 
        Please contact Jen Shepard!
        Email:  jenalee.shepard@fsd1.org
        Call:  843-664-8448