Lester Bus Riders or Car Riders:

    If you arrive or leave Lester in a CAR, you must come through the car line.  The car line is at the back of the school off of Palmetto St.  If waiting in the car line is a problem, please feel free to come between 2:25PM and 2:30PM when the car line moves quickly. There will be NO exceptions to this policy.  Adult supervision will be provided for drop off and pick up.  Children are to be let out and picked up at the covered walkway.  Please move up to the last stop to pick up or drop off your child.Parents who need to enter the building should park in the parking lot and enter the building with their child.  Do NOT send your child to the front door without an adult.  The front is where the buses drop and pick up bus students.Children riding the bus will be called and walked out by a staff member.