• Greenwood Elementary School

    Supply Lists 2020-2021



    (12) glue sticks 
    (2) 3 ring nylon zipper pencil pouch
    (4) boxes of 24 pack Crayola crayons
    (1) pack Ticonderoga pencils
    (1) pack pink erasers
    (1) pair of scissors
    (1) 4 pack of THIN BLACK EXPO dry erase markers 
    (2) large box of tissues 
    (1) roll of paper towels
    (1) Quart Ziploc Bags
    (1) bottle of hand sanitizer (Regular Size)
    (1) individual size hand sanitizer

    Teacher Wish List:
    Pack(s) of copy paper, Play Doh, Lysol, Clorox Wipes


    1st Grade

    (2) Boxes of CRAYOLA Brand Crayons 
    (5) Black EXPO Dry Erase Markers 
    (2) packs Ticonderoga Pencils 
    (2) Composition Notebooks (SEWN PAGES) 
    (1) Ream of Copy Paper 
    Large Pack of Glue Sticks 
    Clorox Wipes
    Hand Sanitizer
    Slider Ziploc Bags


    2nd Grade

    Headphones or earbuds
    Pocket folders--one green, one red
    (2) 24-packs of pencils (Ticonderoga)
    (2) boxes of 24-count crayons
    (1) Pack of large dry-erase markers
    (1) large pack of glue sticks 
    (2) 3 ring nylon zipper pencil pouch
    (3) marbled-composition notebooks
    (2) boxes of Kleenex 
    (2) Clorox Wipes containers
    (2) large bottles of hand sanitizer 
    (2) bottles of hand soap
    (1) pack of bandaids
    OPTIONAL: Laptop case for Chromebook

    Teacher Wish List:
    Pack(s) of copy paper, Various sized Post-it notes, 
    Various sized washable markers, Pack of colored pencils


    3rd Grade

    (1) pack wide-ruled notebook paper 
    (1) pack copy paper 
    (2) packs mechanical pencils
    (1) pack of cap erasers 
    (3) packs of glue sticks
    (1) pack of colored pencils
    (2) plastic/poly folders with pockets - 1 Red and 1 Green
    (4) composition notebooks (marble-wide rule, no spirals)
    (2) packs of Thin Black dry erase markers
    (2) boxes of Kleenex 
    (1) Pair of earbuds for student use
    (1) Pack of Band-Aids
    (2) Clorox Wipes containers
    (2) Hand Sanitizers (not travel size)
    (1) Box of Ziploc Bags (Gallon size)
    (1) Can of Lysol


    4th Grade

    (4) marble notebooks 
    Wide ruled paper 
    large pack of Glue sticks 
    Clorox wipes 
    Hand sanitizer
    Pack of Expo markers 
    Ticonderoga pencils 
    (2) packs of mechanical pencils
    crayons and/or colored pencils
    pack of copy paper
    Cap erasers
    Ziploc bags 
    (2) 3 pronged folders (heavy plastic, not paper) 


    5th Grade

    (3) packs of loose leaf paper
    (4) boxes of tissues 
    (1) bottle of hand sanitizer 
    (1) bottle of hand soap 
    (3) containers of Clorox wipes 
    (3) packages of cap erasers
    (6) 70-sheet composition notebooks 
    (1) 1-inch binder 
    (4) 3-prong pocket folders (heavy plastic, not paper; 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow) 
    (1) pack of computer paper 
    (1) Hand-held canister pencil sharpener
    (2) hi-lighters 
    #2 pencils
    Glue Sticks
    Colored Pencils 
    Index Cards
    Water bottle

    Teacher Wish List:
    Dry erase markers, Extra pencils, Paper towels, Crayola markers


     6th Grade

    (6) marble composition notebooks 
    (1) 5 subject notebook 
    (4) 3-prong 2-pocket heavyweight (i.e. polyvinyl) folders: blue, yellow, green, orange
    (4) packs of loose leaf paper 
    (1) pack of graph paper
    (2) dozen pencils 
    (1) pack of erasers (block or cap) 
    (1) pack of colored pencils 
    (2) ball point pens
    (3) packs of glue sticks 
    (2) boxes of tissues (Kleenex) 
    (1) bottle hand sanitizer 
    (1) handheld pencil sharpener 
    (1) pair of student scissors
    (1) pack of highlighters 
    (1) pencil pouch or pencil box
    (1) pair of earbuds 
    (1) pack of Post-it notes
    (1) pack of markers (optional)

    Supplies will be for your student to use in all 5 classes. 

    Teacher Wish List:
    Pack of computer paper, Extra Pencils, Lysol Spray, Clorox Wipes, 
    quart or gallon ziploc bags

    Mrs. Hudson’s Class

    (1) red plastic folder
    (1) pack of 4x6 index cards 
    (1) 24 pack of crayons
    (12) glue sticks
    (12) pencils
    (1) eraser
    (1) single subject blue notebook
    (1) single subject green notebook
    (1) large bottle of hand sanitizer


    Mrs. Spivey’s Class

    (1) single subject spiral bound notebook 
    (6) mechanical pencils 
    (2) packs pencil top erasers 
    (4) packs loose leaf paper 
    (4) boxes tissue 
    (1) bottle hand sanitizer