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      General Overview

      • Florence One Schools is authorized by the S.C. Department of Education to provide school bus transportation for pupils regularly enrolled within the district's attendance lines. The Transportation Office realizes it is working with one of Florence County's most precious resources—its school children. To help ensure safe, efficient transportation, parents/guardians and students should read the Rules of Conduct so they will know their responsibilities.
        Riding the bus is a privilege rather than a right for each student to enjoy. The Transportation Office will do everything within its authority to provide the safest transportation possible for the students in Florence One Schools.

        Transportation Mission Statement:
        To provide safe and efficient transportation for all eligible students within Florence One Schools. Transportation provides support for Florence One Schools in the following areas:

        • To and From School (eligible students)
        • Field Trips
        • Special Needs
        • After School Programs, when offered
        • Summer School Programs, when offered

        Florence One Schools operates 87 school buses on 250 routes and provides transportation for twelve thousand students each school day. Overall our drivers travel about 10,000 miles a day. The District is broken down into four main areas of responsibility for Transportation, Wilson, West Florence, South Florence, and Special Needs.

      General Information

      • 1.   Students can only switch from their assigned bus with a written request from a parent/guardian. The school principal and the transportation director will evaluate each request. If parents request a drop off other than the normal stop, they must make this request in writing and have it notarized, there is a form attached to this website. The new stop location must be within the child’s assigned school zone and be on a space available basis.

        2.   Complaints or safety concerns regarding a bus or bus driver should be made to the Transportation Office.

        3.   All bus students are expected to obey the principals and teachers at each school their bus serves. The student's school principal will discipline students who disobey any school official on school grounds (which include school buses).

        4.   Most school buses in Florence School District One are equipped with a video and audio recording device which can be used to monitor passenger and bus activity. Student behavior on the bus and the driver's management of the behavior are key elements for a safe bus ride. The video/audio recorder on a school bus is an aid to monitor discipline. It does not replace the discipline policy, the authority of the driver, or the responsibility of school officials.  Requests to view a video or audio recording can only be made by drivers, school administrators, or parents/guardians and must be made through the administrator at the child’s school. Requests to review recordings will be granted when there is "just cause" and with the intent of observing and resolving a particular problem or situation. Viewings will be conducted only within the presence of a school administrator.

        5.   These regulations were established for the protection of students, school officials, school property and the motoring public. Students who fail to follow these rules could lose the privilege to ride any Florence School District One bus. When, in the judgment of school district officials, any bus student's behavior endangers the lives of other bus students and the motoring public, then that student can be immediately removed from the bus. Bus privileges will remain suspended until the student has had a conference with the school principal.

        6.   Bus drivers cannot suspend a student from riding the bus. Only the principal of the school the student attends or the transportation director can make this decision.

        7.    All students are subject to transportation laws, rules, and regulations from the time they board a school bus until the bus route is completed or until the students arrive at their normal destinations, either home or school

        8.    Should a bus arrive at an assigned bus stop for a two week period, and no students board the bus, the bus stop will be deactivated. Should the parents wish to reactivate the bus stop, they will need to contact the Transportation Office and it may take up to four business days to complete the process.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Download Forms

      • Release of Liability on Private Property
      • Release of Liability
      • Day Care Request Form
      • Application for Employment

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      Helpful Links

      • Transportation Administration
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      • School Bus Rules of Conduct
      • School Bus Stop Laws
      • SC Department of Education

      Become a Bus Driver

      • How To Become a Certified Bus Driver

        Be aware that becoming a bus driver will require passing very strenuous physical test along with written and driving test.  We also conduct Drug & Alcohol testing, Sled Check, and Driver Record Checks on all of our applicants

        1.   Fill out an Application

        2.  After completing the required forms and Sled Check returns, class information (dates, time and location) will be provided to you by the Driver Trainer.  You will be required to be on time (You will not be allowed in class late).  You must attend all four (4) days of training.  You will need to bring a notebook, pen/pencil and your SC Driver’s License.  Out of State Licenses should be transferred prior to class.

        3.  Upon completion of class, you will be required to get a physical; the forms will be provided at the end of the training.  You will then go to the DMV to take your written test and receive your CDL permit

        4.  Once you have a CDL Permit, you will take your first pre-employment drug test and TB Test.  The results will be forwarded to the District Transportation Office.  After completing that you are to contact Hope Driggers at 843-673-1118.  She will schedule a time for you to come in and do paperwork and begin your training process.  The process will include Physical Performance (PPT), Behind the Wheel (BTW), Pre-Trip, Skills and Road Trip Training.  You are required to receive a minimum of 10 hours of training; however more will be provided if needed. (When you arrive for the PPT and BTW/CDL Road Test you will need to have your CDL Permit, Driver’s License and Physical Card with you.)

        5.   After you have passed the PPT and BTW Road Test, the examiner will submit your test scores to the Driver Trainer for the State Department of Education.  The Driver Trainer will then issue a waiver with the exception of Teachers, Coaches and Supervisors for you to return to the DMV when you are ready to take your CDL Road Test.  This must be done within 30 days of receipt of waiver or you will have to be retested for BTW again.