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Florence 1 Schools launches resource portal for parents

eLearning Parent Portal

A brand-new eLearning Parent Portal has launched on the Florence 1 Schools website filled with resources from the four core curriculum areas: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts (ELA). 

The portal was designed as an easy to use resource for parents, helping to provide additional support for the lessons that students are receiving from their teachers.

Core Content Areas

The F1S Technology Department collaborated on the portal with the district’s four curriculum coordinators who provided the content resources.

Donna Cook, F1S Mathematics Coordinator, said that the portal is an invaluable resource for parents.

“The district realizes that parents and caregivers are in an unprecedented situation when it comes to education,” Cook said. “We have created this parent portal with videos and worksheets explaining the content being covered in the K-8 classrooms to help support the adults assisting students with schoolwork at home. So, if you don’t remember how to add fractions, don't worry, we have that covered.  Just visit the parent portal to find videos and worksheets to help refresh your memory.” 

First Grade Science

Cook added that the portal will remain active and content will be added even after schools resume instruction on a normal schedule.

Gregory Hall, assistant superintendent for grades 6-12, said the parent portal provides a wealth of educational support content for the Florence 1 Schools community.

“We are excited to provide this resource to parents to help support the learning needs of our F1S students and families,” Hall said.

The Parent Portal can be accessed on the district website,, via a student’s district-issued Chromebook. If parents are accessing the page from any other device, they will be prompted to log in and should use the same credentials used to log in to the student’s Chromebook.

Once parents access the portal, resources are broken down by content area. Within those content level links, resources are further separated by grade level so that, with just a few clicks, parents find the exact learning support that their student needs.

Grade Level Assistance

The portal can be found at and a link is also available under Quick Links or by clicking the image in the slider on the website homepage.